Bucket Wheel Drive

A bucket wheel drive is a type of drive system used in bucket wheel excavators, which are large mining machines used for the excavation of minerals such as coal and ores. Typically these are Bevel-Helical-Planetary or Helical-Bevel–Planetary type of combination gear boxes with Hollow output and shrink disc, shaft mounted type. The bucket wheel drive consists of a drive motor that powers a reducer, which in turn drives the rotation of the bucket wheel. The bucket wheel is a large, rotating wheel with multiple buckets attached to it that are used to scoop up material and move it along a conveyor belt for further processing. The bucket wheel drive is a critical component of the bucket wheel excavator, as it provides the necessary power and torque to rotate the bucket wheel and move the material. The efficiency and reliability of the bucket wheel drive can have a significant impact on the overall productivity and profitability of the mining operation.

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bucket wheel drive
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Bucket Wheel Drive