A Planetary-Helical gearbox is a type of gearbox where the input stage/stages are Planetary and output of Planetary goes internally as input to Helical Stage. These are typically used where the gear box output required is either a through hollow output or a double extended shaft, as this is not possible in full Planetary Gear Box. These types of Gear Boxes are also known as Planetary Helical Gear Drives.

These gearboxes are commonly used in various industrial and manufacturing applications, as well as in power transmission and sugar industries for above type of requirements. These gear boxes have a high transmission efficiency.

In Application
Planetary Helical
Shaft Mounted

About Helical Planetary Gear Boxes

Manufacturing Range :
Torque :
Red.Ratio :
Input Power :
upto 2,00,000,N.m
5 onwards
upto 100 kW
Foot / Flange Type