A Planetary Worm Gearbox is a type of gearbox with input stage as Planetary Gear Box. The output of planetary gear stage is internally connected to worm gear stage.

The typical advantages of these type of Gear Boxes are that we can have the output shaft as through hollow or double extended shaft, which is not possible in Planetary Gear Box at output stage.

Another special advantage of this type of gear box is that it can offer high resistance to motion from output to input. This resistance depends on the ratio of worm gear box. Thus, these can be used where irreversibility is necessary (from load side to Input), typically for hoisting, inclined conveyors, or similar applications, where it is necessary that the gear box does not rotate backwards in case of power failure. Such feature can be achieved only using worm gear box.

PPlanetary Worm Gearboxes are commonly used in applications that require high reduction ratios and low speeds, such as in Conveyors, Material Handling Systems, Inclined Conveyors, Hoisting, Winches, Processing Equipment etc.

About Planetary Worm Gear Boxes

Manufacturing Range :
Max. Input Power :
Maximum Output Torque :
Ratio :
1.5 kW
1000 Nm.
30 onwards